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Unique Path


All-levels welcome

Our slower-paced flow class provides a wide range of gentle poses as well as more challenging postures.  This style places emphasis on safe alignment while maintaining slower breathwork.  Expect deep, mindful sequences linking poses to breath to reveal: body awareness, inner strength, and rejuvenation. 


All-levels welcome

​​Our Mat Pilates class is a dynamic and fun total-body workout featuring classic Pilates Exercises with some creative prop elements. This class will improve flexibility, strength, and body awareness through controlled movements and focused breathing. Most of the class will be practiced on the mat and equipment will be provided when needed (small ball, stretch band and weights). You will leave this class feeling energized and centered in mind, body and spirit.


All-levels welcome


Hatha Flow combines elements of classical Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. We build strength through proper alignment and intentional holds and increase flexibility by seamlessly moving among poses. Classes can range in format from floor-based stretching for tight hamstrings to standing Warrior poses for stamina. The common denominator is always the same. You'll leave class feeling calm and energized, refreshed and ready to take on the day!  Suitable for all levels of ability. 


Beginner / All-levels welcome (young at heart to injury recovery & beginners)


Chair Yoga is a highly effective option to traditional mat yoga that gently improves overall body strength and joint health. This class incorporates a warm-up, a full-body stretch, standing, and balancing poses all with the use of a chair as the main prop.  If you like a fun and creative class, this is a class for you!  Be prepared for adventure as this class can be a traditional chair yoga class or a mix of yoga,  Pilates and light weights. No two classes are the same - bring on the fun!


All-levels welcome

Experienced beginners / intermediate practitioners

(Fundamental alignment in asana postures).

This Iyengar-inspired class is rooted in tradition and philosophy and includes specific alignment instructions on how to move in a way that builds strength and flexibility while also strengthening the bond between the mind, body, and breath.


All-levels welcome

While slow, this class can feel intense for beginners. Props optional but recommended


This class is a great way to end your day & improve your mind-body connection. Through gently stressing deeper connective tissues and cultivating an inward focus we will stimulate a passive, cooling energy to balance the fast-paced, active energy of our day. You can expect the majority of poses to be seated on the floor or laying down with holds typically for 2-5 minutes each, using props to deepen or lessen the stretch. 

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing so your body isn’t restricted and feel free to bring extra layers of clothing and socks.


​All-levels welcome 

Discover the joy of movement in our dynamic class! We blend fun with functional movements, exploring yoga, pilates, and more. Engage your muscles with bodyweight and props for sculpting and toning. Rooted in yoga principles, we focus on breath, alignment, and mindfulness, ending with a relaxing savasana. Suitable for all levels, come ready to play and enhance strength, flexibility, balance, and well-being. No experience required—just a love for movement!


All-levels welcome 


Sangha Yoga offers a Pay-What-You-Can Donation Class, as we believe yoga should be available to everyone. Our donation-based classes are at an intermediate level, meaning they are perfect for all types of yogis from beginners to advanced-level practitioners. 

Everyone is welcome, including membership and class pass students.

cash prefered

* if you have a class pass, you can choose to use your pass 


Foundational Flow - Mixed Levels

experienced beginners / intermediate practitioners welcome 

Vinyasa I  is an energetic flow class that balances pace and intensity to make postures accessible to all students. These classes may incorporate deeper backbends, hip opening, twists, and forward folds. Props and modifications are offered for proper alignment and ease in the postures. As an added treat, some classes will introduce you to different breathing techniques and gentle meditation.


All-levels welcome

​​Mindful Stretching combines slow stretches, purposeful movement, and breath with the inner perception of body and mind. It’s a very soothing class, yet powerful for increasing flexibility, by focusing on the release of fascia and stored emotions and the reset of the nervous system.


All-levels welcome 


Unwind with this sweet, slow, mindful practice.  You’ll move through a soothing Hatha sequence while blending elements of both breath, and intentional stretching.  This class can help you release tension, cultivate ease in overworked muscles and increase mobility.  Mentally, you’ll unwind and return to a more peaceful center  preparing  your body/ mind for a restful evening.


All-levels welcome - mixed levels


Hatha Yoga class at Sangha is soft & balancing.  You decide the challenge level by choosing your breath count in each pose. The class starts with 5 minutes of grounding, warm-up, and breathing exercises, followed by Hatha Yoga postures focusing on alignment and mental awareness. It wraps up with 5-7 minutes of relaxation, and we provide prop suggestions and variations.

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