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Landis' passion is for people to understand that yoga is for every body.  She desires to create a safe space where people feel empowered to explore how the postures truly feel in their body as they move with their breath, regardless of where they are in their yoga journey. Landis enjoys practicing and teaching Vinyassa, Slow Flow, Gentle Yoga and Meditation.  She encourages students to come to their mat just as they are. Landis’ personal yoga journey has lead her to trusting in  herself and feel more comfortable in her body.  She enjoys “playing” and exploring  in her practice to see how postures can be made more accessible to herself and her students.   



Allan brings a unique perspective to yoga practice with an eclectic background from physical therapy to sports coaching to traditional Thai massage. He empowers students to harness their own mind-body connection to guide their practice, encouraging them to fit poses to their bodies and not force their bodies into poses.

With a teaching philosophy based on the principle of guided discovery, Allan creates
an environment in which students learn something new about their body every single class and gives them the tools to maintain healthy joints and tissue both inside and outside the studio. 



Cadre began her yoga practice over 20 years ago and started teaching in 2016. With a background in Anusara, Iyengar and experience teaching many different styles of yoga, including meditation and pranayama, she will forever be a student of this profound practice and grateful to be able to give her knowledge to those who come to class. Classes focus on the Iyengar tradition with detail to alignment and emphasis on the importance of breath and movement. Classes are known to be both challenging and nurturing, accessible to all students, leaving students feeling energized and renewed.


Cadre aims to provide a class that holds true to the traditions of yoga as well as adapting to modern conventions and offering a fun comfortable environment that allow students to explore their potential and increase their self-awareness.


Meredith Matsen is a yoga, dance and mindfulness practitioner from Tucson, Az. She discovered yoga and the self-realization teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda from a young age as it was a staple in her household. She went on to study movement methodologies and spirituality receiving a B.F.A in Dance Education and a MA in Dance Philosophy. Her aim in the studio is to provide a safe and creative environment which fosters self-awareness, strength and inner inquiry. She recently graduated from Akasha Yoga Academy in Bali (200 YTT). Her aim is to share her love of creative movement and wellness with the local Tucson community.  


Elizabeth is a passionate and experienced yoga instructor who brings

a wealth of knowledge and skill to every class she leads.

Specializing in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Gentle styles of yoga, Elizabeth creates classes that are safe and accessible for all levels. Incorporating music into her practice, Elizabeth adds an extra layer of enjoyment to her classes. Her love for yoga shines through in every class, inspiring students to find their own joy in the practice. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, Elizabeth will guide you on your yoga journey with passion, expertise, and a commitment to your growth and well-being.


Catherine has been a yoga student for 15 years and teacher for 10. She received her 200hr certification in Thailand in 2013, and continued to teach internationally mostly throughout Southeast Asia for 4 years. She learned from various international teachers and taught classes, workshops, and retreats for students from around the world. This experience has forever informed her life and teaching. Catherine’s authentic, from-the-heart blend of spiritual and practical teachings safely invites you to dive deep into your being. In her classes, you’ll be met where you’re at with mindful alignment and breath-centered practices. She’s passionate about holding space for your self-study as she knows yoga to be a path to self-love, wellness and wholeness, healing and transformation.

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